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Canada Goose jackets is currently perhaps the most commonly used garment in category “clothes that are created by distress.” It has in many ways become a symbol of cruelty to animals, discount canada goose jackets sale, says Eirik Norheim on Felix to Gubrandsdølen Dagningen.

In a press release on Facebook, he refers to information from animal rights organization NOAH, which states that the jackets have fur from coyotes caught in traps using foot axes, canada goose outlet, causing unnecessary suffering much. And that they are filled with goose down from industrial geese which are also used to meat,canada goose jacket for sale online.

We are primarily a club, but there are many in Felix environment which is engaged in animal protection work, and for us this is a symbolic gesture, he told the newspaper, adding that there is also irony and other nightlife dress codes.

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The club will also deny people with fur to get in, but there are not so many of the guests who have, he says, canada goose down jacket sale online.


In Denmark decided recently the country’s largest sports retail chain, Sportmaster, canada goose outlet store, to stop the sale of “Canada Goose” – jacket. The rationale of the chain is that Canada Goose has been unable to guarantee them that the fur on the jackets do not come from animals suffering unnecessarily.

Jeffrey Leopold, who is the CEO of Canada Goose Norway, denies any wrongdoing.

We have a thorough process of approval of our suppliers and require them to have the same ethics as us. There is no tradition in Canada to pick feathers of live geese, and we have never done that in our over 50-year history, canada goose womens jackets online, says Leopold told NRK.

We also take distance from the force-feeding of geese, and does not accept suppliers who use such methods. Oldtimer foot axes with steel teeth are just the museum. Modern foot axes inflict animals no or few disorders, says Leopold on.